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Colorbond Fencing In Melbourne

With its clean, crisp lines, COLORBOND® steel looks great from both sides of the fence (unlike a timber paling fence). Melbourne Fencing And Gates install Colorbond Fencing Melbourne wide to make your property secure and looking great. We can also install Colorbond Gates as well.

Metal Garden Fencing

You won’t find better metal garden fencing in Melbourne than at Melbourne Gates and Fencing, with our fantastic range of Colorbond steel providing privacy and durability – all in a range of colours to suit your style. You can trust our 10 years of experience in installing the best metal garden fencing Melbourne customers love to deliver exactly what you’re looking for but for more information, contact our team today.

Colorbond Gate And Fencing Benefits

Highly-resilient and made to last in a variety of extreme weather and environmental conditions, Colorbond steel offers a number of advantages and benefits that set it apart from other fencing options.


To find out more about the many financial and physical benefits of our Colorbond fencing call us on for a detailed and personalised quote.

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Wide range of designer colours

14 distinct and stylish colours to choose from, based on personal preferences and existing property style and décor. These colours will give your home a style and personality of its own.

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Made to last

Highly-resistant to fire damage, rusting, or rotting. Made from resilient and CSIRO-tested steel our Colorbond steel fencing actually helps protect your property from the flames.

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Easy to maintain

Easy to clean and maintain, only requiring an occasional wash thanks to the high-quality Colorbond paint. Additionally, you won’t have to spend time putting in new nails or planks throughout the years.

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Secure and private

Increased privacy. Colorbond steel fencing is gap-free and puts a stop to neighbours and passers-by seeing through the panels in your fence. Unlike traditional timber fencing or screening Colorbond fencing is free of gaps and provides a complete barrier around your property.

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It’s a good choice for the environment

Being made from 100% recycled materials, Colorbond fencing is the best choice for the environment. With its innovative and advanced design these steel fencing installations generate minimal scrap metal during fabrication, again reducing the impact on the environment.

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Make sure it’s genuine COLORBOND® steel

There are other pre-painted steel products out there that look the same, but don’t necessarily perform the same.

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“Excellent work quality, reasonable pricing and quick turnaround of the Fencing Job… Thanks Melbourne Fencing And Gates!!! Melbourne Fencing And Gates (Greg and his team) are very professional, skilled and co-operative and have reasonable costs. I have got my house Fencing and Automatic sliding Gates done recently and they have done an exceptional quality work within the time committed. Melbourne Fencing And Gates’s work speaks for themselves… I highly recommend 2ontis Fencing to anyone having any Fencing requirements…”

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“Greg and John are dedicated and skillful professionals and we are so lucky to meet them. They have just finished our steel fence and they look great!! I can strongly recommend them and will use them again!! “

star LeeMelbourne, Victoria

“Excellent workmanship and reasonable pricing make Melbourne Fencing And Gates miles ahead of any other players within this field. Greg and team are outstanding and committed in what they do. There work is at an exceptional high quality and I have no trouble in recommending them to anyone else. “

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“Excellent job quality, reasonable price and the team is friendly. Have a fences and gate done in just 3 days during the bad rainy weather week, very efficient. I am very satisfied with the job. Highly recommended!!”

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