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What is the PolyKence Fencing System?                

Achieve solid, rendered, masonry look, at the fraction of the cost, yet with greater design flexibility due to its lightweight construction.

Polykence Fencing Panel – M-Grade polystyrene, coated with polymer modified render and reinforced with alkaline resistant fibreglass mesh.

Base Coat – Two coats of base coat render 3-5mm thick is applied to the entire wall/fence area. Finish Coat – Applied on top of the base coat giving a durable, crack-resistant finish.

Lightweight Fence Construction Melbourne
Lightweight Fencing Melbourne
Lightweight Modular Fencing Melbourne

Polykence Fencing System is easy to install and consists of the Polykence Fencing Panel 2400mm x 1200mm x 150mm with groves, secured between two 75mm x 75mm x 2.5mm Galv steel posts, concreted in to the ground. Achievable designs up to 2.4m high (STCC) with or without fence columns.

Polykence Fencing System can be used as front fence, screen wall, feature wall as well as curved wall.

Modular Fencing Melbourne

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